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Since mirrorless and the inclusion of excellent video capabilities in most cameras today, I can now travel with a single small, compact and light ILC camera that takes excellent stills and excellent video.

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Important Quirks and Features of the Blackmagic Pocket. In a similar vein, some CMOS sensors are prone to excessive blooming. Select the START button to commence logging. Canon has done this, RED has done this even more. BMPCC4K Tom Antos Films.


It has more weight if you all go and ask for it independently. Not only that, but the guys at BMD are only just getting started. It has a very limited frequency range. In response from your external ssd and shooting handheld capability is black magic cinema camera? Speaking of using an SSD drive make sure you get one that works well with the camera.

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Gotcha, now i get where your confusion and logic came from. Why would they bother to add EF mount if AF would not be available? Iris, focus and zoom on supported lenses. John has clearly stated that the release of images from this camera is at the behest of Blackmagic. Essenzielle Cookies ermöglichen grundlegende Funktionen und sind für die einwandfreie Funktion der Website erforderlich. If so, as a first step, this unbelievable piece of technology is a sign of more to come.

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It would deprive the OP of his or her favourite punching ball. Steve on a number of projects and will continue to do so in the future. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Now you can conveniently power your Pocket Cinema Camera from a variety of different power sources. The camera does not include any optical filters, although it does have film, extended video and video recording modes. Great to see with this and Atomos the great tech heritage of Australia coming back to life. If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which help support our testing. Extended Video provides the most accurate color with the least amount of color grading needed. The COLOR setting switches the RGB display to color rather than traditional black and white. For zero color correction, Prores LT will be the best and fastest workflow for straight to the web content.

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Screw SMALLRIG Monitor Mount to the front of the top handle. They go with what is most available now. The BMD HDLink has this functionality and it would be very useful as raw is not ideal for monitoring.

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The mount difference created several good and bad aspects. Additionally, the camera has the option to record the LUT to the clip. Yes, no autofocus tracking or stabilization. The article above does a very nice overview regarding available accessory options for this camera. It will take some time to find the optimal settings for different shooting scenarios.

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Also read that Full Frame cameras can only use EF lenses. The touch screen menu is a joy to use. Subscribe to the Definition newsletter to get the latest issue and more delivered to your inbox.

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MFT lens here, and then I also have a Tilta cage on this guy. Also, higher resolutions allow you to charge more for your project. Keep the screws as you will need them again. So you are getting all of those professional ports and features for a very affordable price tag. SD cards cost a bit more per gigabyte than SSDs, but they are the most common choice.

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Panasonic are doing their best to overcome this, but still. Inserts, hard to reach places, crash cams. Btw, what is the weight of the camera? Do not pull the sun shield out one side at a time, as you may damage the locking tabs.


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Your comments becoming ever more jaded and insignificant. Dunja Djudjic is a writer and photographer from Novi Sad, Serbia. Thank you for all the answers here, John! According to Blackmagic Design, the removable battery should last for approximately one hour of continuous shooting. And there you go!


Be the first to review this product 1TB Storage Capacity. On a busy street with a constant level of ambient noises, you might be OK. No headings were found on this page. This makes it useless for any real world usage outside of using it to focus on a subject and then turning record on.

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It also turned the long lens into a telephoto, allowing me to get close shots no matter how far away I was.


This makes it so easy to edit on the fly or check footage. When done, unmount, eject, then pop the SSD in the side of the camera. Can I control the camera over Bluetooth? Shots exposed this way will then look thesame when imported into Resolve and will need very little exposure correction.

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Hover over and click on product images for more information. Recently I was asked to review the Cinema Camera from Blackmagic. The internal battery lasts a good two hours. Looks great with great specs, if only it had an option for Sony E as well so I could use the Sony FE lineup of my lenses. No one cares about wide angle field of view any more?


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Ultimately, would you trade in your panny for one of these? Micro Four Thirds mount with a short distance between the sensor and lens. There is more to cameras than just spec. So much consternation about this is that output for iris button, which customers can you can use making it right there!


This camera comes with native Canon EF mount and AF will work. DC power connector, although we struggled to release it once plugged in. Book a photo adventure or workshop. Next Blackmagic camera I am hoping for is a full frame version of the pocket or a smaller full frame ursa mini pro.

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